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Sunday, July 03, 2022
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Marriage Is Ministry

We begin laying the foundation for the Marriage is  Ministry Conference by examining scripture to see what God intended a marriage to be. We assume that every marriage can  benefit from examining  God’s  principles and that every couple wants to improve their marriage. Using the Bible, we will ask the Holy Spirit to show us how marriage is ministry.


First Session
I. Repent and Reconcile
We begin laying the foundation for the Marriage is Ministry Conference by examining scripture to see what God intended a marriage to be. 
Then we look at Repent and Reconcile!  Men and women bring different expectations to the marriage, therefore these differences sometimes become problems and left alone, develops into a root of bitterness that causes trouble. 
We close this session by giving a written prescription with instructions on how to biblically Repent and Reconcile the relationship.

Second Session
II. Renew and Refresh
As we start this session, we need to find out who followed the instructions of the prescription.  It is very important that this first step (to repent and reconcile) has been taken before we move on! 
Next we examine what it is to be renewed and refreshed from scripture and them apply that to our marriage. 
We close this session with a recommitment of our wedding vows before the LORD.

Third Session
III. Refocus and Reestablish
Here we learn to focus on ourselves 100% not our spouses!  We start by asking two questions:
1.      What is my role in our marriage?
2.      What are my responsibilities? 
We answer these questions from scripture, while examining ourselves. 
We close with some practical marriage helps and some suggestions.

Fourth Session
IV. Return and Rebuild
We begin our last meeting with a review, looking back at what we have covered so far.
Then we ask these questions!   How do we please God:
1.      In our marriage?
2.      In our family?
3.      In our church?
4.      In our daily life?
While answering these questions from scripture we reconnect the theme - Marriage is Ministry.

 Inserts for bulletins & newsletters: See  Marriage Is Ministry File